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Warm Air Units

Warm Air Units (WAU) are the heating equivalent of Marmite. You either love them or hate them. 

The numbers of gas technicians actively servicing and repairing WAUs is steadily diminishing. The great news is, Elburton Heating LTD can offer expert support for your WAU. 


Working on an open-flued Warm Air Unit (WAU) is a serious business. As with any gas appliance, WAUs have the potential to pose a risk if not handled correctly or infrequently serviced.

Due to their design, the main heat exchanger must be thoroughly inspected on each service to ensure it has not cracked, leading to the potential for products of combustion (including carbon monoxide) to circulate via the registers (air flow grilles).

A thorough inspection, clean and safety assessment should take on average 90 minutes to complete. If you have a water circulator (Hi-Jan), it could take longer. 

Servicing work is an essential part of keeping the WAU working reliably, safely and cost effectively. 

As part of the WAU service Elburton Heating LTD will undertake the following checks:

  • Visual inspection of the heat exchanger to check for cracks
  • Clean the fan
  • Clean the burner section
  • Check ventilation ok
  • Check condition of return flexible ducting 
  • Clean pilot burner
  • Check burner pressures / gas rates 
  • Check combustion ratios wherever able to
  • Inspect the flue terminal outside
  • Check and inspect the flue throughout
  • Check flue flow
  • Check spillage
  • Check the gas FFD safety device
  • Carry out a gas tightness test to ensure no gas leaks present
  • Send / leave electronic service report or paperwork report

Service rate — £115 Inc.VAT

WAUs are safe to use as long as they are regularly serviced once a year and the correct safety checks are undertaken. 

It is essential that the gas technician has the prerequisite experience and competency to work on WAUs. Andy has worked on WAUs throughout his career and is highly experienced at repairing and servicing them. Andy has received extensive WAU specific training whilst working at British Gas and has been regularly assessed as being competent.  

You should always check and ask the technician for evidence of their qualifications before enlisting their services. Look for ‘Warm Air’ on the back of the Gas Safe identification card along with their other appliance licenses. If ‘Warm Air’ isn’t listed, it is unlikely the attending technician is licensed by Gas Safe to work on the WAU. 

If in doubt, you can either contact Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 who will happily check the national database or go to https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ and select ‘check a business’. Type in the business Gas Safe Registration number and a list of appliance categories will be presented. Check that Domestic Warm Air is listed.

WAU Breakdowns

Elburton Heating LTD will provide you with a friendly, reliable and hassle free service. 

Don’t be perturbed by perceived lack of available spare parts. Many of the later WAUs produced by Johnson & Starley still have a good number of essential spare parts available for fitting. And you’ll be amazed what is still available for some of the older models too. 

Elburton Heating is confident that few businesses can match their level of expertise. Andy has 20 years experience in repairing gas appliances and carrying out heating system repairs whilst working at British Gas. 

He's benefited from some of the best training and development available in the industry as well as ongoing manufacturer specific training. 

Elburton Heating use a range of modern testing equipment and sequence of operation knowledge to complete root cause analysis of component defects. 

20,000 spare parts next working day if ordered before 7pm and an extensive on board van stack profile. 72% of heating breakdowns completed on the initial visit. If a spare part is needed, you shouldn’t have to wait long for it to arrive. 

If you want speedy diagnosis, competent workmanship and a transparent pricing plan that you can rely on, call now to book your repair. 

WAU Rates

  • Diagnostic visit and up to the first 30 minutes labour. — £90 inc. VAT (If we can fix the fault within 30 minutes, you pay £90 plus parts)
  • Additional hour thereafter — £65 inc.VAT
  • Or additional half hour thereafter — £35 inc.VAT
  • Parts — Varies

Example 1

  • Diagnostic work 15 mins, part fitting 40 mins. Total time 55 mins — £125 inc. VAT
  • Parts — £30
  • TOTAL — £155 inc. VAT

Example 2

  • Diagnostic visit 35 mins — £90 inc. VAT
  • Part (needs to be ordered) — £60
  • Return visit to fit part takes 1hr 30mins — £65 + 35 inc. VAT
  • TOTAL — £250 inc. VAT

WAU Installation

If you like your WAU heating system and require a new WAU please read on.....

J&S produce an AquaAir bolt-on heater that cleverly allows for the utilisation of the existing Warm Air heating ducting, whilst taking the heat from a secondary source. This allows for the installation of a modern high efficiency condensing boiler, including combination boilers that can produce hot water. There are a number of benefits to this system:

  • Safer room-sealed boiler
  • Option to dispense with loft tanks and hot water cylinders
  • Avoid costly and disruptive radiator & pipe-work installation 
  • Cheaper and quicker installation
  • More energy efficient meaning lower energy bills
  • No draughty combustion ventilation grills needed 
  • Able to carry on using the Warm Air ducting which are quick to heat up the property
  • Extended boiler warranties offering peace of mind 

Elburton Heating's reputation is incredibly important and they will only put their name to quality products that can be trusted. Andy has the benefit of repairing all makes & models of boilers and he knows from hard earned experience which manufacturers to trust.

Elburton Heating fit Vaillant, Worcester & Baxi boilers due to their excellent reliability, technical support services, spare parts availability and brilliant in-house warranty services which include provision of spares and fitting. 

You can trust Elburton Heating to take care of sourcing quality products and expertly installing them. 

Enquire now for a free no obligation survey and fixed price quote.