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Customer Charter

This Charter outlines:

  • What we will do for you
  • The standards of service you can expect
  • The expected timescales

It also outlines what we need from you to enable us to meet our commitments.

What we will do for you

  1. We will add your details to our customer and job booking system
  2. All jobs will be scheduled into our booking system so we have constant oversight 
  3. We will never sell or pass on your details to anyone
  4. We will only close a job if we are satisfied it has been done properly 
  5. We will clearly explain how each job is to be progressed including costs and timescales, and we will stick to this
  6. We will ensure you fully understand any information you are provided with 
  7. We will always give straightforward honest advice 
  8. We will adhere to our Terms & Conditions of service
  9. We will always uphold your consumer rights 
  10. We will only ask for payment once a job is fully completed

In line with our vision and values you can expect us to:

  1. Be polite, friendly and professional and treat everyone fairly
  2. Be open, honest and transparent
  3. Be empathetic and keen to listen and respond to your needs
  4. Be reliable and respectful
  5. Always seek to deliver the best possible solutions
  6. Deliver against set Gas Safe standards and quality workmanship
  7. Offer a consistent service to all customers regardless of sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity or age 

Our service standards

  1. We will maintain a safe working environment for all stakeholders 
  2. We will aim to contact you on the same day of your enquiry and no later than 24hrs afterwards (Mon -Fri)
  3. We will always contact you if we are delayed 
  4. We will offer a morning appointment 0800-1200 or afternoon 12-1600
  5. We will​​ only take on new jobs if we have adequate booking capacity
  6. We will always use dust sheets and clean up our work areas
  7. We will always use the correct tools for the job
  8. We will always have fully up-to-date insurance
  9. We will only work on appliances qualified to do so and that we’re familiar with
  10. We will source genuine parts, brand new and from trusted trade supply chains
  11. We will warrant all work for 12 months
  12. We will provide job certificates by email or paper job sheets if you don’t have email
  13. We will mark up prices of materials by no more than 7%
  14. Invoicing will be prompt & receipts issued to confirm payment
  15. Our complaints will be resolved in-line with our complaints policy

In turn we will need you to:

  1. Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  2. Be honest and transparent 
  3. Listen to and act upon our professional advice, especially where this concerns safety